Natita Turnava Met with Representatives of Global Recycling

“The project of a Chinese-invested plastic processing plant in Khobi is one of the first examples of a businesses that will be relocated from Southeast Asia to Georgia after a pandemic. The project has been prepared in parallel with the emergency situation, and construction will start in the nearest future. 50 million GEL will be invested and 400 locals will be employed,” – Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development stated following the meeting with the representatives of the Global Recycling. Deputy Minister Irakli Nadareishvili also participated in the meeting.

Representatives of the Global Recycling introduced the investment project and noted that the development of a plastic raw material processing plant in Khobi Municipality and other production capacities included in the supply chain will contribute to the improvements of the economic, social and social situation of the country.

The Global Recycling purchased 300000m2 plot of land in Khobi Municipality via the auction under the condition within the state project 100 Investment Offers in order to move a plastic processing plant from the Southeast Asia to Georgia and further open other enterprises. At the first stage, the investor will invest 50 million GEL, and intends to further expand its activity in Khobi.

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