President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has a walk with alabay Pal’van

Early in the morning, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who is currently on leave, made a walk in the foothills of Kopetdag Mountains. Turkmen leader was accompanied by alabay Pal’van.

The century-old practice of Turkmen nation shows that walking out of the alabays in mountain gorges supports strengthening of thoroughbred characteristics of this mighty dogs.

Brave Turkmen alabays, together with fast ahalteke horses, are integral part of our rich national cultural heritage.

Opening of specialized kennel, which has been built by the initiative of the Head of the State in AkBugday District, AhalVelayat, is an evidence of huge attention paid to the formation of valuable gene pool of the alabays, improvement of culture of dog breeding and its systematic provision.

This event has fallen on the publishing of book “Turkmen alabay” by the President of the country, which reveals important role of these wonderful dogs in life and destiny of our people.

The opening of specialized kennel “Türkmenalabaýitleri”, which has started systematic activity for development of this legendary dog breed, became an evidence of special attention paid by the Government to protection of unique watch dogs.

Taking into account increased interest in the alabays bred by our talented ancestors, which was observed in the last years, the utmost attention is paid to correct training of dogs, protection and development of their outstanding thoroughbred characteristics.

Foundation of Türkmen AlabaýItleri Association, which first session took place on May 7 last year, has served to further popularization of one of the best breed of watchdogs.

Enhancement of the best traditions of national dog breeding school in the context of objectives of breeding the alabays on systematic base, application of methods of national selection and modern achievements of the world science are among the priority directions of activity of the Association.

Turkmens have always valued these big dogs for their unlimited dedication. Vigilant to the enemy, having no equal to it as a watchdog, which shepherds are well aware of, the alabay has been protecting his master and everything surrounding him like home, family and children, which is most important, with loyalty. Therefore, the alabay is a personification of unlimited affection, trust and friendship. These are the main concepts that have been put into the logotype of the Association.

Opening of veterinary clinic and home animal complex, which were built in Anau, was an important step aimed at further development and popularization of Turkmen alabays and formation of modern system of canine activity and dog breeding. Chairman of TürkmenAlabaýItler Association S. Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony.

The vet clinic represent an entirely new word in services given to home pets. This is a modern treatment and diagnostic centre provided with advanced medical equipment and designated for diagnosing of animal diseases and professional treatment.

Complex for temporarily care of pets has been built next to the vet clinic. Zoo hotel is also the first facility of such kind in Turkmenistan, which was established on the government level. The complex is designated for temporary stay of cats, dogs, birds, etc. as well as for fish, for which special fish tanks have been built. It has all conditions for comfortable stay of animals, prevention of its possible runaway or receiving injuries during the stay, provision of veterinary aid in case it is necessary.

Increased interest to the alabays, which were bred in Turkmen land, observed recently is mainly caused by personal attitude of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, owning to whom an old glory of watchdogs is growing every day increasing number of their lovers all over the world.

Therefore, taking into account big number of people wishing to join TürkmenAlabaýItleri Association, especially canine specialists and dog breeders from all over the world who express interest in these dogs, the Association will probably acquire an international status.

From their side, the members of the Association say that they will continue scientific and selection work aimed at protection of purity of the breed, developing of new lines, increment of livestock of Turkmen alabays. It was also decided to develop the projects of similar veterinary complexes for regional offices of the Association.

In addition, projects of pedigree centres in Ashgabat and the regions as well as alabay exhibition centre in Ashgabat have been developed and under implementation.

This fact is another evidence of active care of this breed of dogs, which are recognized as national heritage, taken on the government level.

The alabays are special theme in literature works of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Thus, the Head of the State dedicated a verse to the dog:

You are a hero, my alabay,
You are a valiant, my alabay,
You are a brave if you need, alabay,
You are pride of Turkmens, my alabay!

It has become a good tradition in the country to hold international ahalteke horse beauty contest in the country every year, which is another indication of the importance paid to popularization of national values made by our people throughout the centuries.

In this context, development of proposal on organization of similar international contest, which will demonstrate skills, unique characteristics and distinguishing features of the breed, is very current.

Turkmen leader with Pal’van, the alabay, which is bred in TürkmenAlabaýItleri Business Entity made a walk across picturesque mountain foothills. Forest zones on mountain slopes and peaks provide the formation of favourable microclimate in this place.

Walking is an integral part of century-old national traditions in breeding and training of the alabays, which as President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes improve the relations between master and pet.

The interest in alabays has significantly increased in the last years. Our brave dogs have deservingly occupied leading positions among the watchdog breeds of the world. This big and physically strong animals, which at the same time are distinguished with friendly character, become more popular not only in the country but also far beyond its borders.

That is why, the protection and development of outstanding characteristics of the alabay, collection and compilation of practice of breeding, exchanged of knowledge are current and important objectives today. Strict adherence to ancient traditions of breeding and training of this dog will help to protect its distinguishing features, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes.

Decision on installation of the sculpture of the world-famous alabay was another evidence of high respect paid to loyal companion of Turkmen people.

In his book “Turkmen Alabay” the Head of the State highlights that alabay is our national pride, heritage of the Motherland, a value that was made by our ancestors. Our duty is to protect and to bring this value to future generation in its all magnificence.

Having finished walking with the alabay, President GurbangulyBerdimuhamedov left the place of event.

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