The Mayor of the Capital City presented the project of Tbilisi Central Park to the public

Tbilisi Central Park will be allocated on the territory of the former hippodrome, on 36 hectares. The Mayor of the Capital City spoke about it at the presentation of the park.

Kakha Kaladze thanked the Cartu Foundation and Bidzina Ivanishvili for handing over the mentioned space to the municipality. According to him, the fund will raise several tens of millions for the arrangement of the park.

“The society is well aware that in recent years special attention has been paid to availability of recreational spaces in the city, renovation of parks, rehabilitation, landscaping of squares. Unfortunately, until now there was a very bad trend: constructions used to be carried out in place of the recreational spaces, squares, sports fields, which is categorically unacceptable and inadmissible. When we referred to the city government, of course, we started working in this direction from the very first day. We have adopted a regulation plan for development of the city, and we have stopped the chaotic development; special attention has been paid to improvement of the ecological situation, as well as the construction of new squares, renovation and rehabilitation of the existing parks. I think for any person who lives in Tbilisi, who comes to visit our city, the projects implemented during recent years are really striking. Basically, we do not even leave the road dividers without planting them wherever possible. Implementing such projects will help to improve the ecological situation. It is true that planting is not enough for this, but it is one of the most important components. Of course, I cannot but mention yesterday’s fact. You know, that yesterday the Municipality received a gift from Cartu Foundation, Bidzina Ivanishvili and his family, the territory of the former hippodrome, which is up to 40 hectares. I would like to personally thank Bidzina Ivanishvili and his family for this important gift, and the most important thing is that Cartu itself will bear the costs of the project, which will be tens of millions”, – the Mayor of the Capital City said.

According to the submitted project, a multifunctional space will be arranged in the area, which includes a botanical garden, a Japanese garden, a French garden, an amphitheater, a fountain, a skate park, a border forest zone, an indoor forest sector, an educational center, a meadow, a zip line, a sports zone and a food zone. There will also be an animal walking area, a panoramic platform, a pond, a rope park, a pedestrian bridge, mountain bike trails, a street ball area, hiking and rock climbing areas, and three parking lots around the park.

Now we would like to represent what Tbilisi Central Park will look like. We are all well aware of the current situation. Nevertheless, this area is used by many people and I am sure that after the completion of the works, we will have a very cool recreational space in the capital – Tbilisi Central Park, which will become the favorite place for all the generations.

The presentation of the Tbilisi Central Park project was attended by the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia, the Chairman of the Board of the Cartu Foundation Nikoloz Chkhetiani, members of the Government, the Parliament and Tbilisi Assembly.

The territory of the former hippodrome was donated by the International Charitable Foundation “Cartu” to Tbilisi Municipality. The agreement on the transfer of ownership of the property was signed yesterday.0000000006 October 2020

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