APMTerminals4Poti – Small Entrepreneurs Support Program

APM Terminals Poti – Poti Sea Port Corporation launches the Small Businesses Support Program
APMTerminals4Poti to stimulate local entrepreneurship to engage more closely with the community and develop a stronger collaborative approach.
The Small Business Support Program has been designed within the APM Terminals Poti Deep-Water Port Construction Project. It aims to provide competitive business and employment opportunities to start-ups
and experienced entrepreneurs. The program will run for 2 consecutive years and is intended to deliver direct and indirect benefits to the Poti community. The process will be executed by the Export Development
Association (EDA) and its sub-contractor – Regional Development Association (RDA). EDA was selected through an open tender and is a Georgian business enabler association with experience in similar initiatives.
APMTerminals4Poti Program will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive targeted funding through a comprehensive selection process and help them improve their business skills. More than 80 small projects
are expected to be supported within this program, increasing employment and easing access to needed services and products for the Poti community.
Maximum funding on each project is limited to GEL 4,000 and requires a minimum of 20% co-funding of the applied project cost from the beneficiaries. The total budget for the programme is GEL 800,000, including
all taxes. Project ideas are not limited to any business field or industry, provided that they operate in Poti, carry a sustainable social and economic outlook, and preferably showcase innovative products for the local
As a Women Empowerment Principles promoter, APM Terminals Poti emphasizes women’s involvement in the program; similarly, supporting and encouraging the development of local youth and vulnerable social
groups has always been a priority of our company. Therefore, 40% of the program budget will be directed to women, youth, and Internally Displaced People (IDP) (please see the program’s priority groups:
www.eda.org.ge/4poti). This approach is aligned with the general Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of the company focusing on sustainably supporting those in need and implementing robust action plans targeted at prioritized Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the community.
“Having strong, independent and sustainable small businesses in Georgia, particularly in Poti, is absolutely critical as they represent the backbone of the economy and foundation for the prosperous future of the country. By launching this programme, we want to provide the opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in the local community, which is in line with Maersk values and sustainability principles.” – Keld Mosgaard Christensen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Poti. Solicitation of business ideas within the program APMTerminals4Poti will be officially announced on March30. For detailed information, please visit the EDA website (www.eda.org.ge/4poti) and Facebook pages, or APM Terminals Poti Social Media Channels on FacebookLinkedIn or website www.apmterminals.com/poti. Details can also be found on the official Facebook page of the program (APMTerminals4Poti – ეიპიემ ტერმინალსი ფოთისთვის).

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