APM Terminals Poti offers paid internships to the young people

APM Terminals Poti has been implementing a Talent Acquisition & Development Program InPort since 2017. Within the program, up to 10 young people take a four-month theoretical and practical course on Poti Sea Port activities each year.

The selection of the new flow of “InPort” has been completed couple of days ago. As a result of comprehensive selection process that was based on organizational skills and business needs, 8 participants from different career streams have been selected.

“The selection process was very intensive. Despite of the pandemic situation, we have organized testing at several locations and conducted individual and group interviews with participation of our functional managers. As a result of the process, the best and most suitable candidates out of the candidate pool of several hundred applicants have been selected.” – Lela Kvantaliani, Head of HR and Communications stated.

The “InPort” program offers participants a very diverse learning environment; During the course, they are introduced to the training modules, conduct interesting discussions with the company’s management on important topics, undertake group or individual assignments, prepare presentations, which in turn will help them develop competitive skills, team spirit and better prepare for future career opportunities.

“After several weeks of in-class courses that mainly contribute to the development of organizational and leadership skills, program participants will have on-the-job trainings meaning engagement into departmental activities enabling them to better understand functional specifics of different organizational units and make informed career decisions.” – Lela Kvantaliani added.

Gvantsa Kokaia, one of the participants of the program, heard about this opportunity from her friends who have been participants of the previous classes. She says the company has allowed her to engage in a process that has been her interest since childhood.

“Poti Sea Port has a strategic importance for our country’s economy. Since early childhood I have been interested in the processes that took place in the port. On the very first day, we met with the General Manager of the company, who introduced us their mission and values in detail. I have already received a lot of information, increased my knowledge, and now I am waiting for practical experience in the field of human resources.

Saba Makhatadze is a future financier. He learned about the program through the company’s social media channel.

“I was selected among over 200 candidates; this is one of the most memorable achievements of me. As a resident of Poti, I want to enhance my knowledge and practical experience in the same city, which will help me to advance in my career.”- said Saba Makhatadze.

Talent Acquisition and Development Program lasting for 4 months ends by the end of November, 2021.  One of the strategic directions of the company is to promote the provision of quality education for young people. Similar initiatives will be continued in the future.

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