The first five trucks of humanitarian aid from Georgia have already been unloaded in Lviv

March 18, 2022. The first five trucks of humanitarian aid, traveling from Georgia to Ukraine by land, have already arrived in our country and were successfully unloaded in Lviv. Medicines, medical products, hygiene products, food, baby food and clothing collected in Georgia are currently being delivered from Lviv to various cities and towns in Ukraine and will be handed over to those who need it most.Ukrainians in Georgia, Georgian society, diplomatic missions, representatives of the business community – from small to large businesses, NGOs and foundations have joined forces since the first day of the war to gather essentials and support Ukrainian citizens, help them survive in times of terrible bloody struggle against the invader.We appreciate the contribution of everyone – those who were able to transfer money or donate essentials, who brough from home their own warm clothes and shoes, who sorted and packed the aid, and among them were even children-volunteers, who worked physically on loading or organized legal and documentation support.

There are many links in this long chain of support, each has its own value, and the work can only be completed when everyone acts from heart and believes in one great goal.Today, the warehouses provided by the country’s big businesses are working on packing and loading the next banches of humanitarian aid, which will also be delivered to Ukraine by land.We bow our heads to everyone who joined the efforts in collecting and sending this aid, who did not remain indifferent. We believe that light will surely overcome darkness and it will be a victory of the whole world, because today everyone in the world has become the Ukrainian and the whole world has become Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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