Nino Tandilashvili submitted the draft law “On Industrial Emissions” for consideration in Parliament

At the session of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee of the Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mrs. Nino Tandilashvili presented the draft law “On Industrial Emissions”.

The draft law “On Industrial Emissions” aims to adopt the directive of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe on industrial emissions and take it into effect at the national level, which, at the same time, is an obligation taken under the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union.

The European Union Directive on “Industrial Emissions” regulates the activities of large industrial facilities, namely chemical and metallurgical industrial enterprises, thermal plants, etc. Industrial practices release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, therefore posing an increased risk to the climate and the environment. The directive envisages a range of higher levels of responsibilities.

 “The draft law envisages establishing a system in the country, which implies that existing and new industrial facilities should have the Integrated Environmental Permit (IEP). Moreover, the enterprise should define the environmental factors /conditions under which it has to operate, including the reduction of air emissions and air pollution from the company, prevention of contamination of water bodies and environmental pollution, and prevention and control measures of soil pollution”, Mrs. Nino Tandilashvili stated.

Given the complexity of regulations, reasonable terms and timelines have already been set up. In particular, from 2026, any new enterprise that decides to start operating in specific sectors outlined by the draft law will be required to obtain an integrated environmental permit.  From 2029, the obligation will be imposed on existing and operating enterprises.

The proposed draft law envisages the adoption of several new technologies in enterprises. The country has already taken significant steps in this direction.

It is worth noting that issuing an integrated environmental permit will be linked with issuing an environmental impact assessment permit, which implies simplified procedures for the enterprise.

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