Romeo Mikautadze Discussed Introducing of Digital Control System at Enguri HPP with VERBUND, Austria’s Leading Electricity Company

First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Romeo Mikautadze met with the representatives of the Austrian company VERBUND, who were visiting Georgia in order to introduce the digital Control system at Enguri HPP.

It was mentioned at the meeting that the project of transition to digital management of Enguri HPP is implemented by the Austrian company in cooperation with the Georgian company UGT. The project is currently at the first stage of implementation, which involves an in-depth analysis of the current situation and the preparation of the technical task required for the next stage.

Romeo Mikautadze noted that the transition of Enguri HPP, which is the country’s largest hydroelectric power station, to digital control system is essential for its safer, more effective and sustainable operation. According to Romeo Mikautadze, by the time the energy exchange opens, the flaws and risks related to human factors will be minimized. “Besides, in the case of hydroelectric plants in Georgia, this will be a precedent for the introduction of digital governance. The project on the digital manager is a part of the short-term strategic plan of Enguri HPP,” – First Deputy Minister said.

In December 2022, a tender was announced, which aimed at providing the digital control system at Enguri HPP. This initiative includes 3 stages: 1. Audit of the current situation, analysis and determination of technical parameters, which are necessary factors for the software; 2. Procurement of software along with relevant equipment and 3. Provision/implementation of the digital control system.

Representatives of the Austrian company will also hold an information meeting in the Georgian electricity system. In addition, it is planned to visit foreign specialists to the territory of occupied Abkhazia, so that they can familiarize themselves with the facilities of Enguri HPP.

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