The 36th National Handicraft Exhibition and the 16th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition took place in Tehran

Tehran’s international tourism and handicrafts fair opened to the public on Tuesday morning ,February 6 at the Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds.

Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami attended the opening ceremony of the fair.

The exhibition was attended by 200 exhibitors from 47 countries involved in the tourism industry.

Foreign participants attended the exhibition as exhibitors and visitors, and a private sector meeting room was created for them.

A number of countries had pavilions at the exhibition, including Qatar, Iraq, Japan, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Russia and Venezuela.

The exhibition was also attended by countries such as Oman, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, China and Georgia, among others.

The exhibition, which was held in 15 vast halls, was allocated a total of 67,000 square meters.

More than 70 licensed health tourism centers were also presented at the exhibition.

It is a benchmark event in the tourism sector of the country as a meeting place for industry professionals and the premier trade show for destinations and destination markets. It turns the spotlight on new tourist segments, technological leadership in the management of tourism, and knowledge transfer tools.

It stages cultural evenings, B2B meetings, folk music performances, live workshops, 3D films of historical monuments and tourism destinations, and highlights of Persian cuisines, to name a few.

The handicrafts sales exhibition brings together craftspeople and artisans from all over the country, showcasing arrays of personal ornamentation, woodwork, illuminated manuscript, miniature, textile printing, enamel, leatherwork, handwoven textile, calligraphy, traditional musical instrument, metalwork, and marquetry to name a few. Nomadic culinary arts, live workshops, and performances are among other themes for the event.

The 36th National Handicrafts Exhibition and the 16th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, which were held simultaneously, lasted from February 6 to 10.

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