Xinjiang, part of China a land blessed with abundance of nature

Hulsidem Ablikim, a junior in college, has become an Internet celebrity by introducing people to Xinjiang. In her videos, you’ll see natural beauty, taste nice food and experience diversified folk cultures and the hospitality and kindness of local people. 


Xinjiang part of China, a land blessed with abundance of nature, is enjoying peace and prosperity. Hi, I am Guli from Xinjiang. Come visit my hometown. Let’s go! We will visit places like Tianchi lake on the Tianchi Mountain, a world natural heritage.

The flaming Mountain mentioned in the journey to the West. It is scorching! I can not stand it. Look, the air is hot. The Turpan Crape Valley we learnt from the primary school text book and hospitable, local people. Thank you!

Kanas lake, Hemu Village and Sayram lake. We will taste local delicacies like pilaf, big plate chicken, baked buns, roasted lamb ribs and mutton kebabs. Mutton kebabs 5 Yuan per portion, delicious mutton kebabs. Come have a try. We will experience the peaceful life. Described by Wang Meng in Hello, Xinjiang. The legendary Efendy and Dabanchenhg girls. The sound of camel bells on the Silk Road and sincerity and kindness of Xinjiang people. Do it like this for 2 or 3 hours and you will get a wool blanket. Xinjian my beloved hometown. Come and see for yourselves my dear friends. Let’s show the beauty of Xinjang to the world through the lens and tell them proudly. Xinjian, part of China a land blessed with abundance of nature. Is enjoying peace and prosperity.

[Photo provided to]Women dressed in colorful outfits perform at the 27th Silk Road Turpan Grape Festival in Turpan, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region)

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